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Frequently Asked Questions

We specialize in exporting a wide range of Indian products, including premium spices, dehydrated vegetables, and high-quality seeds to various countries around the world.

Ordering our products is easy. Simply browse our product catalog, select the items you need, and contact our sales team through the WhatsApp or email. We’ll assist you in the ordering process.

The MOQ can vary depending on the product. Please contact our sales team for specific information regarding the MOQ for the products you are interested in.

Our products are sourced and processed in accordance with international quality standards. We ensure that they meet all required quality and safety criteria, providing you with the best possible quality.

How do you handle international shipping and logistics?

We have a well-established network of logistics partners who specialize in international shipments. We ensure your orders are efficiently processed, packaged, and shipped to your destination while handling all required documentation and customs procedures.

Delivery times may vary depending on the destination and the shipping method chosen. We’ll provide you with an estimated delivery timeframe when you place your order

Yes, we offer custom packaging and labeling options for our products. If you have specific requirements or branding needs, please discuss them with our sales team, and we’ll work to accommodate your requests.

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We offer a spices, garlic, onion, dehydrated products from India

We take pride in delivering the flavors of India to your doorstep, ensuring quality, authenticity, and a delightful culinary experience for your customers worldwide. Let Oceanworld Export be your gateway to the diverse and exotic tastes of India

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